Meet Beth

Beth Webb is an internationally recognized interior designer admired for her tactile, serene, and dynamic spaces. Founder of Atlanta-based Beth Webb Interiors, Beth’s body of work spans from North to Central America and is known for its sophisticated and inviting appeal. She believes beauty only works if it is calibrated by ease, and that elegance is rooted in simplicity.

“Texture is my color palette,” says Beth, who uses a variety of materials and objects to create interest in a room. She mingles sinuous profiles with hard lines, juxtaposing masculine and feminine silhouettes to create compelling, sensual spaces. Layered light is another crucial element bringing a sense of warmth, romance and contentment to Beth’s interiors.

“The eye has to travel,” she contends. This concept has fed her journey since childhood, which was marked by a rich education in art history and the liberal arts that ultimately lead to her Master’s degree from Sotheby’s in London. While the arts are her foundation, Beth asserts it is travel that has informed and sustained her distinctive point of view. She’s able to coalesce decorative elements that span cultures, continents, and centuries in a fascinating and seamless fashion.

Beth’s work has been featured in top tier magazines, including Veranda, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Elle Decor, Milieu, and Luxe. As an admired veteran of the design industry, Beth is a board member of the Design Leadership Network. A tome devoted to her work, AN EYE FOR BEAUTY, was published by Rizzoli in 2017 and her signature furniture and accessories collection with ARTERIORS was launched in 2020.

Every home begins as a blank canvas, a plan, a way and a structure to encapsulate life. Only through its materials, furnishings and details does it become beautiful, comfortable and personal.

Beth Webb